Posted OnJanuary 24, 2013 0

Very exciting stuff in the works!

We’ve just finished recording our next full length album with mister Ian Blurton.. Tons of fun was had, and we learned a thing or two about long island iced teas being lethal.

The album, titled “What’s left to eliminate?” is currently in the last stages of production and is due out at the end of April.
The launch party will be followed by extensive tours in Canada, Europe and the US. Stay tuned for dates!

Also, we’re about to open Turbo HaĆ¼s, a new multimedia art space in Montreal!

Renovations are almost complete, the grand opening will take place on February 8th with USA out of Vietnam and a special guest.
The 1200 sq foot space features a full stage with sound and lighting, a bar for food and drinks and righteous floor-to-ceiling murals done by En Masse.
Liquid encouragement has been provided by Pabst – thanks!

See you there!

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