Euro Tour Update 3


Euro Tour Update 3

Posted OnJune 30, 2013 0

The rest of the Euro tour was fantastic. Great shows in Poland, we almost killed Lukasz again.
Czech was killer as usual, and headlining ProtestFest was unreal!
The Leaf-Fat reunion in Ljubljana was was outta control (and sold out!), and it was great to eat pleskavica and burek with our beloved goat-brothers. It had been too long!
Loïc found our new merch model lying by the side of the highway on the Croatian border… we brought her home and have named her Lois.

Our shows in Wurzberg and Prague were threatened by apocalyptic flooding, but they went down in a fantastic way nonetheless. Played three dates with the mighty NoMeansNo, who are the fucking greatest. The nicest dudes and an absolute spectacle to watch live. Plus we got to tickle their sound guy (and our old pal) Will. He’s still ticklish.

From Leipzig we headed out on an overnight drive to the UK to meet up with our fantastic label manager (at Dry Heave Records in London) Miles. He’s another total dude and he taught us all about the english language, scrumpies (gnarly cider that tastes like fermented pickles) and pendulous bollocks.
Played some wicked shows (particularly at Old Blue Last in London), made some new friends (hi TSH and L.O.D.F!), bought a ridiculous amount of scotch in Glasgow and ended up at Stonehenge by accident.

After all that, we had a righteous skate session on the chunnel (when’s the last time you skateboarded on a train, UNDER WATER?) and narrowly made our flight back home.

A million thanks to our tour manager/driver/sweet lover Loïc Pignier at Sabotage Bkg, we miss you already man!