Canada/USA Tour Update 1


Canada/USA Tour Update 1

Posted OnJune 30, 2013 0

So we flew home from Brussels (no baggage strike this time) and went home for a nice relaxing 36 hours.

Then we headed to Cleveland to play a rad show and hang out with our All Dino brothers. We have made plans for the future that you will hear about eventually..

After Cleveland we spent two days in the van doing 16-hour drives each day to make it to Calgary in time for the Sled Island festival. Ugh.

Unfortunately, within a few hours of us arriving, there was apocalyptic flooding in Calgary, parts of the city were destroyed/evacuated and the whole festival was cancelled. Very gnarly.
What followed, however, was really awesome and inspiring. Officially, Sled Island didn’t happen. Unofficially though, it most certainly did. Tons of people started throwing house parties and club shows in the areas that were unaffected. Lots of fundraising, free BBQ’s, people volunteering their time to help with cleanup, all very cool. We had a great time and made some new friend playing at the Bad Manors and the next day playing a fundraiser at the Commonwealth. They raised $18K for the Alberta Red Cross at that show, holy shit!

From there we headed west and played some shows in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver and saw a bunch of old friends again.
Trekked back across the Rockies to play another righteous show in Calgary, then Edmonton with A Wilhelm Scream & the Flatliners (also rad dudes!), and then a TurboJugend party in Saskatoon followed by a long awaited reunion with Larry & his Flask at a fancy hotel. Missed you guys – again soon!

Tonight we play the Exchange in Regina, it’s lookin to be a righteous one..