News May 2010


we go to the show a couple hours late and thought we had missed it but it turned out to be fine. the club was really nice and people dug it. It actually turned out to be our best show in germany. we played with the german equivalent of complete. on side not; we haven't seen the sun in about 2 weeks at this point. constant fucking rain. anyway, we went off and everyone really appreciated it and looked more than a little surprised by it. we got trashed(there may have one or two days that we hadn't at this point) and played fooze ball till the wee hours of the morning.


the place was rad. it had everzthing a touring band could want;clean beds, free food, free beer, washer, dryer and was run a bunch of super friendly dudes.the turnout was ok and we lost our shit on stage. all in all a good night.


We played one of the biggest squats in europe. it was really awesome to see what people can do with some brains and a willingness to get things's equally amazing and frustrating to see how this sort of thing can also attract ths biggest douhe bags known to man. either way show went well but germans need to loosen up. we stayed with the promoter who basically handed us her apartment. her name was sabrina and she was one those super smart people who can get anything done and had just finished negotiating a thirty year lease for the squat from the city.

Hradec Kralove-Czech Rep@Cinema Central

Best.Show.Ever.we played in the entrance of a movie theatre. it took us forever to find it. the place was packed and it was literally the best show we have ever played.wollongong played before us. they were a sweet kind of 90's noise punk a la melvins and butthole surfers. one dude was from lindsay ontario...his name was Todd and it's thanks to him that the czech republic went so well. thanks todd, and jana and adam. i have never seen a crowd go off that hard. we all played with giant shit eating grins the entire time.I can't say enough about how awesome this night was.

Wroclaw-Poland@The Wagon Club

The place used to be an old train station and still has some trains left over from the thirties. the show was good .....long drive so everyone was tense and we blew up when we finally got to play. i thought i was going to puke. on a side note the casualties so far are:1 tuning peg. 1 jack. 2 cables. 1 Guitar. the dude putting on the show took around for a bit afterward. it's fuuny to see the old german bulidings and then the ugly communist buildings that were put up after the war.fucking communists.

Brno-czech republic@sklenena louka

The only people who've served us meat so far.the place we played looked like a capsized boat about half the size of the barfly. they crammed about 100 people in there. played with a couple bands, i can only remember one :Sade. they sound like torche with bad english. pretty sweet. the show was one of the best we've ever played. the czech know how to party.we stayed in a looked more like an abandoned elementary school. the water was brown but the place was warm.

Prague-Czech Republic@007 Strahov

Amazing.....fucking amazing. we could tell that it was going to be just based on everyones T-shirts. Doomriders, fucked up and akimbo as far as the eye could see. we saw a castle and took a lurk around. no ghosts yet. we played with Sade again who are sweet dudes. the crowd went fucking off. it's really awesome to be on the other side of the stage of a show that's that fucking nuts. we got mega wasted and stayed with a dude named Ivan who drives bands around (he did the last cursed tour).

Chemnitz-Germany@subway to peter

Nothing to memerable about this show. germans are a lot like north americans that if they don't know they can't show that they care. we had fun none the less and drank some weird garlic shots.

Euro Tour

the trip over took for fucking ever. As soon as we got Slovenia it was already a party. . the border was a joke. they didn't even ask half us a single thing.the leaf fat dudes have been nothing but awesome to us since we landed in Vienna. last nights show was amazing and tonight was also really good.we got to see a castle and got really bad goat tattoos that look like Poochie in disguise. there are some gear and sound issues but we should that shit figured out soon. another show in Slovenia tomorrow.

p.s Jordan got laid...i know. weird, right?