Awesome video of us playing in Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia
03 Jul 2013

Slam it in your eyeballs!
This show was fun as fuck.
Thanks Kowis!

Canada/USA Tour Update 1
30 Jun 2013

So we flew home from Brussels (no baggage strike this time) and went home for a nice relaxing 36 hours.

Then we headed to Cleveland to play a rad show and hang out with our All Dino brothers. We have made plans for the future that you will hear about eventually..

After Cleveland we spent two days in the van doing 16-hour drives each day to make it to Calgary in time for the Sled Island festival. Ugh.

Unfortunately, within a few hours of us arriving, there was apocalyptic flooding in Calgary, parts of the city were destroyed/evacuated and the whole festival was cancelled. Very gnarly.
What followed, however, was really awesome and inspiring. Officially, Sled Island didn't happen. Unofficially though, it most certainly did. Tons of people started throwing house parties and club shows in the areas that were unaffected. Lots of fundraising, free BBQ's, people volunteering their time to help with cleanup, all very cool. We had a great time and made some new friend playing at the Bad Manors and the next day playing a fundraiser at the Commonwealth. They raised $18K for the Alberta Red Cross at that show, holy shit!

From there we headed west and played some shows in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver and saw a bunch of old friends again.
Trekked back across the Rockies to play another righteous show in Calgary, then Edmonton with A Wilhelm Scream & the Flatliners (also rad dudes!), and then a TurboJugend party in Saskatoon followed by a long awaited reunion with Larry & his Flask at a fancy hotel. Missed you guys - again soon!

Tonight we play the Exchange in Regina, it's lookin to be a righteous one..

Euro Tour Update 3
30 Jun 2013

The rest of the Euro tour was fantastic. Great shows in Poland, we almost killed Lukasz again.
Czech was killer as usual, and headlining ProtestFest was unreal!
The Leaf-Fat reunion in Ljubljana was was outta control (and sold out!), and it was great to eat pleskavica and burek with our beloved goat-brothers. It had been too long!
Loïc found our new merch model lying by the side of the highway on the Croatian border... we brought her home and have named her Lois.

Our shows in Wurzberg and Prague were threatened by apocalyptic flooding, but they went down in a fantastic way nonetheless. Played three dates with the mighty NoMeansNo, who are the fucking greatest. The nicest dudes and an absolute spectacle to watch live. Plus we got to tickle their sound guy (and our old pal) Will. He's still ticklish.

From Leipzig we headed out on an overnight drive to the UK to meet up with our fantastic label manager (at Dry Heave Records in London) Miles. He's another total dude and he taught us all about the english language, scrumpies (gnarly cider that tastes like fermented pickles) and pendulous bollocks.
Played some wicked shows (particularly at Old Blue Last in London), made some new friends (hi TSH and L.O.D.F!), bought a ridiculous amount of scotch in Glasgow and ended up at Stonehenge by accident.

After all that, we had a righteous skate session on the chunnel (when's the last time you skateboarded on a train, UNDER WATER?) and narrowly made our flight back home.

A million thanks to our tour manager/driver/sweet lover Loïc Pignier at Sabotage Bkg, we miss you already man!

Euro Update 2
31 May 2013

Thankfully we got our baggage back from the airport just by Mike and Jordan being nice. Then the president of the airport recognized us from Belgian national news and posted a pic of us on the airport blog. Surrrrreal.
Shows have been great, awesome times in Berlin, Hamburg and Hradec Kralove. The show in Wrocław was sold out (thanks Łukasz! - we can pronounce your name properly now!), the secret show in Brno was killer as was headlining ProtestFest.
Last night in Tatranska Lomniča was unexpected and totally outta control. Borovička = the revenge of the forest..
Off to Hungary tonight!

Euro Update
15 May 2013

So we arrived in Brussels to find that the baggage handlers at the airport were on some sort of strike. Which means that all our guitars and checked bags were, and still are unavailable. Thankfully our Belgian friends are amazing and arranged instruments etc so we could still do our first couple of shows, which were awesome.

Aside from that incredibly annoying turn of events, we reunited with a bunch of righteous pals, had a great time in Leuven, and woke up disoriented with vicious hangovers. Just the way a proper euro tour should be.
More details soon.

On and up!

01 May 2013

'What's left to Eliminate' is now available in stores and online! Go grab your copy today!

New Video!
22 Apr 2013

Here's our new video for the song "XI: That Vital Force" off our upcoming album!

Thanks to Mister Don't and all the crew and extras!

Album & Video Teaser!!
08 Apr 2013

Check out this teaser for our new album & video due out later this month!

Many thanks to David Don't, all the crew and extras!!

NEW ALBUM - April 30th!!!
04 Apr 2013
NEW ALBUM - April 30th!!!

Very pleased to announce that our new album, entitled 'What's Left to Eliminate' will be available in North America on April 30th via Indica Records and in the UK/EU on May 27th via Dry Heave Records!

Check out the cover - weeeeeeird!!

29 Mar 2013

Our new album "What's Left To Eliminate" is being released on April 30th 2013 by Indica Records in Canada and Dry Heave Records in the UK/Europe!

Eastern Canadian, UK and European tour dates have been posted - More Canadian & US dates to follow

Let's get gnarly!

24 Jan 2013

Very exciting stuff in the works!

We've just finished recording our next full length album with mister Ian Blurton.. Tons of fun was had, and we learned a thing or two about long island iced teas being lethal.

The album, titled "What's left to eliminate?" is currently in the last stages of production and is due out at the end of April.
The launch party will be followed by extensive tours in Canada, Europe and the US. Stay tuned for dates!

Also, we're about to open Turbo Haüs, a new multimedia art space in Montreal!

Renovations are almost complete, the grand opening will take place on February 8th with USA out of Vietnam and a special guest.
The 1200 sq foot space features a full stage with sound and lighting, a bar for food and drinks and righteous floor-to-ceiling murals done by En Masse.
Liquid encouragement has been provided by Pabst - thanks!

See you there!

Planet Scorpion Secret Message Contest!
04 Oct 2012

We're back from our North America tour and it was righteous.
Many thanks to everyone who came out, and everyone who helped make it happen.

Now that so many of you have a vinyl copy of Planet Scorpion, let it be known that there is a secret message hidden somewhere in there.
First hint: it's a 12 word sentence.

First person to uncover the secret message and post it to our facebook page will have a bunch of wicked stuff sent to their house. Including pizza.

Start searching!

Planet Scorpion vinyl ready for mailorder!
04 Jul 2012

Escape from Planet Scorpion colored vinyls are now available for mailorder!

The Vinyl itself is $10, and here are the options for shipping:

Packaged in a cardboard package it's $10 to Canada or $15 to the US.
This is the safest packaging, but it's also pretty expensive.

The other packaging option is bubble wrap in an envelope for $5 to Canada or $10 to the US. This method is cheaper, but more flimsy.

To make an order, just send the money via paypal to, and we will send you a confirmation once it has shipped.

You can also order Versitis Maximus ($15) and Friendship Adventure Music ($5) on colored vinyl.

Please note - all European orders should be directed to our European label -

Escape From Planet Scorpion VIDEO GAME!!
08 Apr 2012

Click the banner above to play the Escape From Planet Scorpion Video Game!!!

If you can beat the game and successfully escape from Planet Scorpion, take a screenshot because we have something reeeaal nice for you...

Escape From Planet Scorpion Video!
04 Apr 2012

We made a video for the third segment of Escape From Planet Scorpion!!
Watch it on repeat, buy the EP when it comes out April 17th, and never ask to borrow drumsticks again.